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FACT mix 492: Frank & Tony

Francis Harris and Anthony Collins air their Breakaway edits on an exquisite house session.

Since 2012, the New York-based pair have been honing their vision of deep house across a singles on the Scissor and Thread label and their residency at Brooklyn’s The Panther Room, gaining the support of DJ Sprinkles in the process. Last year, they released their debut album You Go Girl, which stayed true to the duo’s deep house foundations while also exploring dubbier sounds indebted to Basic Channel et al.

Frank & Tony’s FACT mix is entirely made up of their own edits, of Mogwai, Herbert, Roedelius and more. “Over the past few years as our sets became more and more focused on a vinyl format”, the pair explain, “when faced with non-working turntables, the turn to digital became more and more of a challenge for us. The vinyl we digitized never sounded quite as good and we both had little patience for searching for music with online shops, so most of the time we were playing our own cuts, which, after a while also became tedious.”

“As a result, we started making dancefloor edits of music that really inspired us both artistically and personally. These have now become a central part of our DJ performances from the digital side of the spectrum. The list of edits is growing rather exponentially, so we felt that with this mix we would give a little glimpse into this recent approach in our sets. In a way, this mix is a bit of a list of “greatest hits” in our minds, culminating in the ultimate homage to one of the masters, Roedelius.”

Grouper’s never grooved quite like this, in other words.

Desert Sound Colony – Riverbed (F&T Breakaway Edit)
Donato Wharton – Absentia (F&T Breakaway Edit)
Grouper – Come Softly (F&T Breakaway Edit)
Herbert – I Hadn’t Known (F&T Breakaway Edit)
Mogwai – Heard About You Last Night (F&T Breakaway Edit)
Loscil – Cascadia Terminal (F&T Breakaway Edit)
Dj Koze – Hummell (F&T Breakaway Edit)
Solo Andata – A Ballet of Hands (F&T Breakaway Edit)
Roedelius – Harold (F&T Breakaway Edit)



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