Android users can now avoid getting ripped off when out digging for vinyl.

While iPhone owners have MilkCrate, Android users now have a new option for managing their Discogs accounts from their mobiles – Discollector.

Discollector isn’t the first Discogs app for Android, but it does seem to be one of the best options currently available – the app lets you quickly pull up information on any record on the Discogs database, check past orders, add to your wantlist, and if a record has a barcode, you can scan that to jump straight to the Discogs entry.

Discollector won’t let you send messages or make new orders, but if you’re out digging for vinyl and need an idea of how much a record might be worth before handing over your money, the app could be invaluable.

The app costs £1.72, and is available now from the Google Play store. [via The Vinyl Factory]

This app lets Android users manage their Discogs account on the move



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