Still Light, Outside processes pipe organs to crushing results.

John Chantler is best known for a series of albums released on Lawrence English’s Room40, but soon he’ll move to a new label and a new home. Chantler recently left London for Sweden, a period of change that is captured on the debut album for his new label, 1703 Skivbolaget.

Still Light, Outside is built around two pieces split over four tracks that take their source material from the massive pipe organ at St John-at-Hackney in London. Chantler made the recordings with the organ and a modular synth during his final months in London, as he explained to FACT in an interview last year, before processing them in Stockholm to finish the record. Though the bulk of the record is taken up by the three part piece titled ‘The Long Shadow of Decline’, Chantler opens the record with its title track, which you can stream all nine glistening minutes of here.

Stream ‘Still Light, Outside’ below and look for the album this August through 1703 Skivbolaget.



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