Slim Twig covers the classic instrumental in advance of his upcoming album on DFA.

It’s a little tough to place when April 20 became ubiquitously known as the day humanity celebrates smoking weed, but it’s 2015 and here we are. To get into the spirit of the holiday, DFA has released a triumphant cover of Serge Gainsbourg and Jean Claude Vannier’s instrumental ‘Cannabis’ courtesy of U.S. Girls collaborator Slim Twig.

The cover can be streamed below, but you can also snag a 7″ single of it for the appropriate price of $4.20. He also shared some thoughts about the new song as well as a few hints about his upcoming album for DFA.

Listen to the cover and the original below and pick up a copy of the single here.

Happy 4/20. We’ve had a few pass by without a hint of any new Twig to pack pipe with. Not that the pot holiday has been synonymous with my work, but I’ve had an obsession these past few years trying to engineer tunes that might emulate the tactile engagement we feel with music when stoned, without having to spark up (not that it’ll hurt in any case). Today is as good a day as any to let you know those experiments will be released on DFA this year.

My cover of Serge Gainsbourg’s ‘Cannabis’ composition is not emblematic of this technique. I’m not quite ready to unveil everything to you just yet. It lends itself better as a national anthem of where I’ve set up shop. Sometimes a feeling creeps up on you that words can’t transcend. My take on ‘Cannabis’ is a moment like this.

I thank mister Gainsbourg for yet another cosmic assist. I also thank the U.S. Girl for her impassioned vocals, Steve Chahley for his master mixing and all the other wonderful collaborators who have helped to serve up my vision.

My forthcoming album is the kind of record that will ripen under the enhancement of your imagination. It is my hope that by imbibing the substance of this ‘Cannabis’ 7″ you will find yourself in exactly the condition to appreciate what I’ve rolled up next.

As ever,


April 20th, 2015.

Toronto, Canada.



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