Vinyl purists look away now.

There’s currently no shortage of stories telling us how vinyl is back from the grave, but UDG has bucked the trend by unveiling what might be the smallest working DJ bag to date.

Aimed at the type of DJ who prefers to travel light, the Ultimate Digi Headphone Bag is designed for a pair of headphones, and features pockets for USB sticks, SD cards, external hard drive and cables. If you’re the kind of DJ that likes to do some networking in the VIP over a chilled bottle of Grey Goose, there’s a place to store your business cards too.

The Ultimate Digi Headphone Bag will be available soon, and will cost €39.95 – full details can be found at the UDG website. If you’re wondering who might use the world’s smallest DJ bag, look no further than two-year-old DJ Arch Jr. [via DJ Tech Tools]

UDG has created the smallest DJ bag yet



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