Edjing Pro comes with a host of features aimed at those who like to bring a tablet to the club.

The developer behind DJ mixing app Edjing has just released a ‘Pro’ version, with a host of features that could make it one of the more attractive options for those who DJ with a smartphone or tablet.

According to developer DJIT, Edjing Pro has been in development for five years, and comes with an interface that allows you to switch between a spectral view that displays a track’s frequencies in different colours and a traditional turntable view. DJIT also claims the app has more accurate BPM detection than the standard version, while those who like their tracks to fade in at different speeds can take advantage of custom crossfader curves.

Edjing Pro doesn’t have rival app Pacemaker’s access to Spotify, but it does let you access tracks from SoundCloud or Deezer if your MP3 collection isn’t up to scratch. You’ll still have to put up with some stick if you roll up to the club clutching an iPad, but if you feel like a mix and can’t be bothered to leave your sofa, it at least provides an aesthetically pleasing alternative to Traktor and ejay. It’s also available for Android, which gives it an advantage over Traktor DJ in that department.

Edjing Pro is available now for iOS and Android, and both are available at an introductory price of $7.99/£5.99, which increases when the promotion ends. It’ll also work with DJIT’s Mixfader device, a physical Bluetooth crossfader that provides extra tactile control.

If Edjing Pro isn’t your thing, you can check out out list of the 10 best quick, cheap and easy music-making apps for iOS.  [via The Next Web]




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