In FACT TV’s latest artist-focused documentary, we go inside the world – and the head – of Lee Gamble.

Based in London, Gamble has been releasing music for years, both solo and as part of the Cyrk collective, but it was a pair of albums on PAN in 2012 – Diversions 1994-1996 and Dutch Tvashar Plumes – that saw him break into the upper echelon of underground electronics.

Last year, Gamble followed that brace of releases with KOCH, an album that played with ideas of perspective and time. As Angus Finlayson put it in his review for FACT, “sometimes you are zoomed right in, a jumble of strange micro-detail scratching uncomfortably against the speaker cones. Sometimes you’re way out, observing complete forms in all their alien glory. The difficulty lies in working out which is which.”

In Earworm, a film by Jara Moravec and Luis Muñoz, Lee explains trying to recreate the sounds in his head, his complicated relationship with London, and more.  Special thanks to Bill Kouligas.



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