The DJ appeared on The Hallmark Channel for a cooking demo before leading an impromptu Johnny Cash sing along.

Moby has been a vocal supporter of animal rights and veganism for years, and soon he’ll find a way to promote that with a new restaurant in the Silverlake neighborhood of Los Angeles. Called Little Pine, the restaurant is due to open this summer initially serving dinner only and brunch on weekends.

To promote the restaurant Moby appeared on The Hallmark Channel (along with animal rights activist Gene Baur) for a cooking demo where he made a pretty tasty looking vegan chili. It’s worth watching especially to see him make jokes with Hallmark hosts about past drug use, being “an uptight WASP from Connecticut”, and how the wheat protein seitan sounds an awful lot like “Satan”. Near the end Moby is given a guitar and performs an off-the-cuff cover of Johnny Cash’s ‘Ring Of Fire’.

Now before you think that the guy who made Play is going to be serving up grub in Silverlake, Moby isn’t actually cooking at Little Pine. He has hired Anne Thornton, who was best known for the Food Network show Dessert First before becoming vegan for health reasons – it will be her first fully vegan restaurant.

Watch Moby’s demo and performance below, via LAist (sorry about the auto-play). In other news, Moby made an appearance in Slow To Speak’s latest house and techno column.



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