Diplo has announced his intention to phase out the Diplo name in order to concentrate on his work as Major Lazer.

In a new article published by Interview Magazine, Diplo spoke with legendary producer Rick Rubin about his career and intentions for the Major Lazer project. The Major Lazer cartoon series was premiered earlier this month, with Diplo’s animated alias also scheduled to release a new album in June entitled Peace Is The Mission.

The pair’s illuminating conversation covered everything from M.I.A. and Madonna to Miami bass and Skrillex. Most intriguing, though, was Diplo revealing that he plans to retire his dinosaur-inspired moniker in order to fully focus on his work as Major Lazer.

“Well, I’m trying to actually retire Diplo material at this point,” he said. “Diplo has a ceiling in Vegas, and I’m doing great there, but I’m so proud of Major Lazer — the way it sounds, the way it’s mixed. I feel like if I devote my time to that, it could grow.”

You can read the entire Q&A here.



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