Recapping a busy week in Chicago.

Chicago is second only to Atlanta in its wealth of underground rap and R&B, thanks to a seemingly-limitless pool of talented artists who are willing to collaborate on anything at anytime. Posture and Lo Motion are doing an admirable job of highlighting the loosely-connected scene, and its members quietly released a handful of EPs this week.

JODY — the “supergroup” that features David Ashley, The GTW, Khallee and The-Drum — released their long-awaited Oasis EP, collecting five woozy, blown-out R&B jams. A pair of mood-setting interludes (‘Late Nite’) seem titled after the best time to listen to the EP, and while the group usually sticks to the shadows, ‘Mirage’ has a newfound gravity, touching on ’80s electro and freestyle with excellent results.

Supreme Cuts member Mike Perry made his proper debut as Scout, dropping Two Tons Of Turquoise for free. In line with the previews we heard earlier this month, Scout samples with reckless abandon, bounding from jungle to old-school soul to AM gold to darkwave and beyond; it sounds like someone is turning digital radio dials while watching old movies on AMC.

Mint Club. is the pairing of Bengfang and Justin ‘ZIP’ Warren; earlier this week, we premiered the video for ‘Tussin’ (featuring Jody’s Khallee), and now the experimental duo have unveiled Mint Condition Vol. 1, a 25-track, 50-minute “EP” that plays more like a mix of whacked-out rap and R&B — especially since half the tracks are interludes. Recommended for the ADD-addled: nothing wears out its welcome.



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