Brooklyn synth manufacturer Critter & Guitari has also designed an amp for the label’s store.

Though all attention was on the early Elvis Presley reissue Jack White transferred from acetate for release on Record Store Day, it turns out that wasn’t the only thing he arranged for the occasion – his Third Man label also released its own line of boutique synths.

Third Man teamed up with boutique Brooklyn synth operation Critter & Guitari, charging the company with the task of designing an instrument reflecting the identity of Jack White’s Nashville-based label. The result was the Septavox, a tiny aluminium and wood synthesizer available in the black and yellow of the label’s branding, which looks a lot like an expanded version of Critter & Guitari’s famous Pocket Piano model.

Critter & Guitari also went about manufacturing Third Man its own compact amplifier, the Terz. There’s currently no corresponding line in Critter & Guitari’s own range, so Third Man has scored something of a coup with the Terz, which runs off four AA batteries and features built-in analog gain and distortion circuits. Both the Septavox and the Terz are available now via the Third Man store, at a price of $395 and $250 respectively, or $580 for both.

The Septavox isn’t the first time Third Man has designed an instrument – it previously made the Little Third Man, a self-assembly, three-string guitar aimed at children and beginners. If you’re curious to find out more about Critter & Guitari’s own models, they featured in our recent round-up of the 13 best affordable, pocket-sized, off-the-wall synths.



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