The former Pumpkin gets his most significant wrestling gig yet.

Billy Corgan (or William Corgan, if you’d prefer) has circled the square circle for some time: he co-founded Resistance Pro Wrestling in 2011 and was rumored to be interested in buying Total Nonstop Action (TNA) Wrestling in 2013.

Corgan left Resistance in November 2014, and now Variety reports that he has joined TNA not as an owner but as senior producer of creative and talent development, where he’ll try to refresh TNA’s programming.

“There is a tremendous opportunity to go into really fresh, new directions,” Corgan tells Variety. “There are ways to explore those themes in ways that are productive, create new stars and show that value-based ‘babyfaces’, no matter what their background, no matter where they come from, can draw new audiences and inspire people in new ways.”

Corgan plans to introduce new angles to storylines, exploring “don’t go there” issues like race and gender in ways that will “break new ground.” “I think there’s an endless supply of things in our culture where people are dealing with race or with gender, et cetera, and you can get into these things in a way that is both revelatory and enlightening,” he explains. “Treated the right way, ultimately, the good guy wins. The right ideas win.”



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