Daft Punk write an email to their hero and collaborator from inside their spaceship.

Nile Rodgers’ renaissance began with Daft Punk’s ‘Get Lucky’ and appears to be culminating in a new album by Chic.

The masked producers have now filmed a little tribute to Rodgers in a very appropriate Daft Punk style. In what appears to be a spaceship’s computer screen, Daft Punk (seen mainly in the glass reflection) use their robot hands to type out a loving note to the guitarist. The clip is from the recent documentary on Rodgers titled Nile Rodgers: From Disco To Daft Punk.

Watch the clip below and look for Chic’s new album this June. Update: Rodgers tells Billboard that Elton John and Janelle Monae will be featured on the album, and he’s hoping to add an unnamed “pop diva,” as well.



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