For Wen’s next step, the heavyweight club producer makes his debut on Tectonic.

Coming a year after his debut album on KeysoundFinesse features some of his most interesting work to date, dealing in subterranean Funky, quicksilver drum workouts and more. As Wen tells us over email, since the album he “felt the need to delve out to foreign directions with my production, and rigorously zoom in on others that are familiar.”

“This EP hones in on a corner of dark reduction, it’s monochrome music with a singular colour of varying shade and vibrancy”, he continues. “I wanted the elements to be carefully interrogated in detail, but still hold imperfections, which I feel are essential in activating the overall sound. Same way drawing a freehand rectangle is more engaging than using a ruler.”

Tectonic (who turn 10 this year!) will release Finesse on May 8. Pre-order it here.



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