Morrissey isn’t impressed with the De La Souls of the world.

Speaking to El Pais recently, he said bands who ask their fans to crowdfund albums and tours were “desperate” and said he’d stick to touring to pay for his next record.

“[Crowdfunding] is a desperate measure, and insulting to your audience. We have already provided sufficient amounts of money. What is the next thing you’re going to ask? Brush our teeth?”

Touring is his only choice if he wants to make another album, he added. “It’s the only option left me and fortunately is very good and exciting. The only unpleasant part of this that whenever a concert is canceled the story captures attention, but if the concert took place, it would hardly be mentioned.

“Many people enjoy writing negative things about me. Which is fine with me. Let them if it makes them happy.”

In other Morrissey news, he recently called the Mercury Prize a “voodoo doll”, praised a bull for goring a matador, and started selling T-shirts of himself naked with the Queen. Never change, Steven Patrick. [via Vice]



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