Update: The record does not feature samples of Jim Morrison or The Doors.

Contrary to previous reports by RA, the record does not feature samples of Jim Morrison or The Doors. As pointed out by Vakula over a lengthy series of posts on Facebook, the record is made up of original production and features the voice of his friend reading poetry of William Blake.

Vakula is best known for his lush house music and occasional excursions into the ambient realm, but his next album something very different – a tribute to late frontman of The Doors, Jim Morrison.

As RA reports, Dedicated To Jim Morrison sees the Ukrainian take a blues-inspired approach, blending spoken word samples of Morrison with excerpts from tracks by The Doors. The artist told RA he expects it to be released in the summer on his Leleka label, “hopefully” in time for Jim Morrison Memorial Day.

There’s not much more information to go on, but the odd blend of guitar, psychedelia and spoken word in the preview below pretty much speaks for itself.



01. The Argument
02. For Jim
03. A Memorable Fancy
04. The Canyon Road
05. Proverbs of Hell
06. Mississippi Delta
07. The Human Abstract
08. Good Advice
09. Airolg
10. Beatnik Dance
11. Tien Beach



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