Download 14 free mixes from the London veteran.

Warlock — who our readers selected as one of the most underrated DJs around — knows a thing or two about acid house, breakbeat hardcore and techno: he started DJing back in 1989 and started out on pirate station Pulse FM. Now, the London DJ has shared some throwback gems from his tape collection.

“These are a set of DJ mixes encoded from old cassette tapes which I originally recorded between 1991 and 1993 and sold through record shops or mail order back in the day,” he explains. “It’s a document from those great years as it happened and a record of the journey I was going through exploring and discovering the new music of the day, alternating between my two big influences of the the time, breakbeat hardcore and techno.”

He continues: “There’s no tracklistings. Some are obvious bangers and anthems of the time which you’ll know, some are not, and some are obscure releases which even I’m struggling to remember what they were. The mixes echo what I was playing on Pulse 90.6FM as well as at raves such as Helter Skelter, Labrynth, Slimetime, Knowledge, VFM and Eurobeat 2000.”

Stream/download all 14 mixes below. For more in this vein, check out these 100 classic rave mixtapes, Mella Dee’s Top 10 Rave Tapes and this archive of 1990s techno fanzines.



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