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ShowMango aims to make concert-going simpler.

The London-based service has just launched its unlimited subscription plan, where for £25 a month users get free access to music events, concerts, club nights, boat parties, outdoor raves and day festivals, working with the likes of Village Underground, Fabric and more. Sick of last minute thumbing through Time Out to figure out what you’re doing this weekend? Let ShowMango be your guide.

“Discovering artists by streaming their tracks is good, I do it every day”, explains founder and CEO James Kay. “Seeing a good artist playing live is something different. You remember it for life. It’s one of those moments where you forget about everything and fully connect with the music and the artists. This is what music is all about and the reason why we built ShowMango. We wanted to give everyone a real incentive to attend more shows and discover more artists”.

ShowMango see themselves as the live music equivalent of Netflix and Spotify – two companies who started with a firm intention to change the rules of entertainment by offering a simple yet appealing unlimited subscription plan. Given that live music sales are currently outperforming recorded music ones, this could be a game-changer.

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