The now broken-up Australian band release their last and darkest album.

Rand & Holland have released their final album today. This may seem strange to some, because the Sydney band actually broke up in 2011. In fact, this self-titled album was recorded shortly before the group’s end and only now through A Guide To Saints (the offshoot of Lawrence English‘s Room40) will it see the light of day. It’s something to behold as well, evidence that the group was evolving and making some of their best and most apocalyptic music right before the end.

Nowhere is that more evident than on the side-longer closer ‘Old Crow’ essentially the final statement we may ever hear from Rand And Holland. What begins as a sparse, pretty folk song quickly catches fire as it reaches a galloping rhythmically charged before finally descending into a doomed drone that stretches the song past the 20-minute mark. It’s the sound of a band imploding only to invite you to take some time walking through the wreckage.

Listen to ‘Old Crow’ below and grab Rand & Holland via A Guide To Saints.



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