Toronto meets Los Angeles in a new collaboration.

Deebs has teamed with rising L.A.-based singer Jarell Perry for the Shift EP, combining Deebs’ hazy beatcraft with Perry’s melancholic vocals.

But unlike some of the R&B that gets tagged as woozy, drugged-out and narcotic, Shift is immediate: Deebs’ productions are as meticulously detailed as ever, and Perry’s voice cuts through any fog without getting lost in it.

Shift is due out on May 16 via Time No Place / Kompakt. Listen to lead cut ‘Driving Blind’ below; the cover art and tracklist follow. For more in this vein, check out our interview with Deebs and stream his emotional Songs4UByMe EP.

1. driving blind
2. giving u
3. home
4. poison
5. relapse



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