Montage of Heck director shares more details about the forthcoming album.

As previously reported, an album of Kurt Cobain home recordings will be released this summer. The compilation, culled from 200 hours of recordings from over 100 cassettes, was created by director Brett Morgen.

In a forthcoming interview with Kim Masters for KCRW’s The Business, Morgen explains the process of creating the album. “I went into the archives — this could be too strong a word — I liberated a lot of material for the film,” he says. “The primary motivation at that moment was for [daughter] Frances [Bean Cobain]. I finished the film and there was all this other music.

“No one asked me to do anything. I just started cutting the thing together and telling the estate they should put this out. Initially, I thought it would be a nice complement to the film… I don’t have any financial stake in the album.”

Who owns the rights to the record remains unclear. “I assembled it and passed it over to the various other people,” he says. Morgen describes the music — some of which was never brought to Nirvana — as “cinematic,” and it features spoken word segments.

“It feels like you’re in Kurt’s house, watching him create. You’re eavesdropping on him… in the most positive sense of the word, with a great deal of sensitivity, too.” Well, as much sensitivity as you can have “eavesdropping” on a dead man, we suppose. [via Billboard]



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