If you’re in Great Britain, this is a big day – and you shouldn’t have to ask why.

Even with an all-time record amount of floating voters paddling around this year’s General Election, most people will have decided which way they’re voting by now (indeed, a lot of them will have already voted). But what about your favourite musicians? Which way do they swing?

Well naturally (because we – usually – report on good musicians), they’re mostly voting Green or Labour:

Some more vehemently than others.

And some having been transported back to 1992.

Krystal Klear asked the big questions.

But some of the grime crew weren’t convinced.


Especially Swindle, who somehow missed last year’s referendum.

One even took matters into his own hands.

Still, even with UKIP at large, it pays to remember who the real enemy is.


And you definitely don’t wanna be on the same side as this guy.

UK, you’ve got until 10pm. Vote!



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