“Yo Dre give me a funky ass bassline.”

Earlier this year the trailer for the N.W.A biopic Straight Outta Compton put focus on the legendary group’s sometimes inciendary concerts.

Audio from a 1989 performance in Anaheim uploaded to YouTube gives a glimpse into the reality that inspired some of the movie’s scenes.

N.W.A’s concert in Anaheim on March 23, 1989 took place less than a year after the release of their debut. At around the 7 minute mark Ice Cube, then 19 years old, tells the crowd that the Celebrity Theatre in town was one of the few places they were allowed to perform after sports arenas and Long Beach turned them down in light of their anti-police anthem, ‘Fuck The Police’.

While the show never turned into a riot as some predicted, towards the end a fight breaks out and you can hear N.W.A asking the audience to calm down before calling the show to an end. You can read a review of the show published in the L.A. Times for more insight. [Via Egotrip]



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