Hexaglyphics lets you glitchy percussion and deep bass amid swathes of noise.

If you hold an ambition to make glitchy, data-inspired music like Ryoji Ikeda, but lack even a fraction of his intimidating talent, then a new iPad app might help make it a reality.

Using an interface that looks something like the data stream from The Matrix, Hexaglyphics lets you control and filter a 13-bit noise generator, as well as change its timbre, and create percussive clicks and deep square wave bass oscillations. Rather than a simple binary visual however, Hexaglyphics uses its own original hexadecimal alphabet.

The sounds aren’t anything especially new, and if you’ve used Korg’s Kaoss Pad or Kaossilator then Hexaglyphics’ X/Y axis interface will be quite familiar, but the app makes interesting use of the iPad’s multitouch capabilities. It’s available now from the App Store at an introductory price of £2.99/$3.99 until May 22, after which it will increase.

You can check it out in the videos below, but if you suffer from epilepsy, we’d advise against watching them. [via Synthtopia]



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