The veteran Atlanta rapper was a guest of the Oxford Guild.

Following Kanye West’s lecture back in March, Lil Jon became the latest hip hop figure to address students at the historic Oxford University on Monday. The enduring producer-turned-rapper spoke on a number of issues including race relations in the United States, Obama’s presidency and The East Side Boyz.

“I thought it was a joke,” he said about being asked to address the Oxford Guild. “‘Am I being catfished?’ I was kind of speechless after I realized it was real. Thank you for having me, this is great. I’ve never been to a college and spoke.”

The ‘Get Low’ rapper was asked about his thoughts on President Obama’s tenure. “I think Obama’s done a great job,” he said. “It takes time to restore an old historic car — you can’t just do it overnight. That’s how I look at the administration that came before Obama. He put a new engine in it, he put some new rims, got a paint job. He’s criticized, and at the end of today it’s because he’s black. The numbers don’t lie — unemployment is down, Obamacare is a great thing. I think Hillary is about it for 2016.”

He also spoke of his disdain for reality TV shows, particularly ones that paint his hometown of Atlanta in a negative light. “I hate them shows,” he said. “They’re not real. I can’t understand why people watch them. People are acting wild and crazy. I don’t like the way it represents black folks in general.”

When asked whether or not he thought the revolution would be televised, Lil Jon responded “It’s already happening – do you see what’s happening in the US right now? You just want to ask a crazy ass damn question.”

When probed about the whereabouts of his former collaborators The East Side Boyz, he said “I have no idea, dawg.” [via The Independent]



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