The LED Light Bulb Speaker can also be controlled with your smartphone.

Until now, wireless speakers for the home have been fairly conspicuous devices, and installing invisible devices has been on the expensive side. Now Sony has announced a product that might solve both problems – the LED Light Bulb Speaker.

The bulb itself can pair with any Bluetooth device, allowing you to place speakers in places they probably wouldn’t have been able to be placed previously. The device can be controlled via a dedicated remote or smartphone app, and the brightness of the bulb can be adjusted as well as the volume.

The LED Light Bulb Speaker isn’t cheap – Sony’s online store lists it for ¥23,880, or about $199/£127 – but if you’ve ever wanted a wireless speaker in your bathroom, it’s probably one of the few safe options. There’s no indication when the bulb will be reaching the US or Europe, but it’ll be available in Japan from May 23.

If you need some visual context for the light bulb, you can check it out in the video below. If that’s not quite exciting enough, there’s always the Bluetooth speaker that turns music into fire. [via The Verge]



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