The producer follows his double album with a refreshing new EP filled with unexpected samples and instrumentation.

Keita Sano is already having a fantastic year. Earlier this month saw the release of his 1080p debut Holding All The Cards, a sprawling double album packed with some of the most fun techno cuts of the year. That same lighthearted spirit carries over on Sweet Bitter Love, a perfect digestif to Cards‘ multi-course meal. The first half includes the breezy pulsing ‘Once I Found A Diamond’ and a punchier remix by Jacques Renault, but the record shines the most in its second half.

The seven-minute title track locks into a tight groove before Sano interrupts the whole piece with a jangly guitar solo and world music samples. What starts as an amusing tangent hangs around once the original groove returns, evolving the intertwining second half into something far greater than its individual part. The EP ends with ‘Bouzouk’ which, true to its name, uses the Arabic instrument to produce a pulsing dance track. They’re all charmingly odd choices that you just want to describe as “Sano-esque” — which is to say he’s coming into his own more on every release.

Stream Sweet Bitter Love in full below and grab it May 25 via Spring Theory.