You can finally purchase a can of QT Energy Elixir

By , May 12 2015

Hey QTs.

QT is the pop performance project fronted by Quinn Thomas and produced by A. G. Cook and SOPHIE. QT has been pushing its eponymous energy drink since their debut, but until now, you could only grab a can at one of their rare public performances.

That changes now: the “QT Energy Elixir Package” — a can of DrinkQT, a “custom greeting” from QT and a signed photo — is available to purchase for $20. “For me it’s a very natural energy but some people say it’s out of this world,” Thomas says of the drink’s effects.

While you decide if $20 is worth it to be part of the PC Music experience, check out our photos of their Pop Cube. As QT points out on Instagram, maybe it’s best not to refer to DrinkQT as a “fictitious drink,” after all.

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