The globally-sourced Diskotopia label welcomes Computer Graphics to the roster.

After releasing the Places LP as Pixelord alias just a couple of months ago, Russian producer Alexey Devyanin has returned to an old alias for an evocative four-tracker.

The CCCP EP is inspired by “Soviet social and science films, animations and cassette tapes from an era long gone,” according to Devyanin, whose previously release as Computer Graphics was an EP on Car Crash Set back in 2013.

“Feeling like a mixtape recorded on reel to reel then broadcast as rogue signal across vast continents, the subtitles of the CCCP EP form a gauzy world view lens,” says the label of the four tracks, which span cloudy introspection over low-slung drums (‘Itsnotaboutcomputers’) to broken garage (‘Make_me_juice’) and underwater riddims (‘Downloading’).

Check out the clips below and get it from Diskotopia on June 15.


1. ​CCCP
2. ​Downloading
3. ​Itsnotaboutcomputers
4. ​Make_me_juice
5. ​Virtual Race



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