Matias Aguayo’s Cómeme imprint describes El Rudo Del House as “an imaginary creature who speaks to you with a pitched-down voice and produces heavy house rhythms.”

The so-called “spirit” is the creative force behind four EPs that Aguayo will unleash on his imprint throughout the year – described as occupying stylistic territory somewhere between Aguayo’s 2013 LP The Visitor and last year’s Legende album for Kompakt.

“I invoked El Rudo Del House and soon there are going to be others possessed by the same spirit.” says Aguayo. Each mask that is featured on every release of El Rudo del House is related to a dance. These dances were inspired by the shapes of the masks and movements of the creatures they represent”. According to El Rudo, “they are the filter between the rhythm and your body to personify the movements of the dance.”

FACT TV have premiered the lead video for the second of these EPs, ‘El Gato Disco’ – choreographed by Alexandra Green and directed by Sally Sibbet. 



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