The Parisian producer takes on the mystical, mulchy hip-hop of BZMC.

Black Zone Myth Chant is the hip hop-leaning alias of French drone/psych producer High Wolf. BZMC last appeared with the Mane Thecel Phares LP on Low Jack’s Editions Gravats label in February, an experiment in squashed, Afro-centric psychedelia.

Low Jack has announced that he’s taken his hand to some unreleased Black Zone Myth Chant material for a new cassette. The L.I.E.S. affiliate has “chopped, screwed, edited and mixed…unreleased tracks, sketches, loops, acapellas and beats” from BZMC.

The result is the Judgement Mixtape, which will be released in a tiny cassette run of 100 later this month. The tape contains one recording on each side, described as “DMTrippy-as-hell, crystallizing sinuous rhythms, dissonant bleeps and detuned vocal hallucinations with a refractive, kaleidoscopic quality.”

The Judgement Mixtape will be released in May. [via RA]


01. I Am The Knowledge Of My Name
02. I Have Seen The Two Worlds As On



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