A treasure trove stretching back over a decade reveals an artist ahead of his time and thoroughly under the radar.

Last week we featured Nmesh’s colossal four-hour long album Welcome To The Warp Zone as the best Bandcamp release of the month. Although Alex Koenig’s project has only begun to receive attention relatively recently, it would be an understatement to say the discovery has been a long time coming.

As many learned last year in TinyMixTapes‘ excellent profile, Koenig’s trash-worshipping collage work and psychedelic sampling style gained attention in the vaporwave scene while actually predating it by up to a decade. Today Nmesh quietly dropped Seagate® Backup Plus Desktop Drive 5TB (​.​860kg), a 360-song collection of unreleased work dating back to the earliest days of the project in 2001. The amount of material here is baffling, but digging through reveals countless gems: Eccojam-like Weezer remixes made years before Oneohtrix Point Never coined the term, dense collage work, even a few live recordings. The warts-and-all collection charts a career’s worth of work made by an artist who feels like he’s only just getting started with us.

Stream the collection below for free and pick it up on Nmesh’s Bandcamp..



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