Add some vintage 80s percussion to your music with a new plug-in.

Single Cycle Audio has just released a free plug-in that gives you a virtual version of the Yamaha RX5 drum machine.

While Roland’s TR-808 and the Linn LM-1 have a rightful place as two of the more iconic drum machines of the 80s, Yamaha’s RX5 is just as important, having been a favourite of Masters At Work, Bomb The Bass, the Pet Shop Boys, Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark and the Cocteau Twins.

Single Cycle Audio has emulated all of its eccentricities in a the Vintage Drum Elements plug-in, which features four standard kits including a “synthetic” and “ethnic” kit, one FX kit and four instruments based on Yamaha’s DX synths, including bass, clavecin, marimba and the “DX Orchestra”.

It’s available now from Bandcamp as a VST and AU instrument for Mac and PC. If You want some more classic Yamaha synth sounds to go with it, delve into Legowelt’s recent DX synth sample pack. [via Create Digital Music]



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