Nina Kraviz’s трип label releases De Niro Is Concerned next week, a conceptual compilation that includes ‘Barcode Population’, a track originally released on Subvert in 1996.

The label has pieced together the perfect video for the track using footage filmed at Antwerp’s Thunderdome rave in 1997 – upsetting stuff for millennials who missed out on the era of round glasses and shiny shellsuits.

The 909-heavy track came to Kraviz in a mysterious package after she’d played a similar track in her Boiler Room set. “It sounded like nothing else and was exactly what I was missing – and I thought that one day I would start a label with the similar aura and texture in music,” she explains.

And if you haven’t experienced the magic of Belgian gabber slowed down to 115 bpm, sort it out.



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