Update, 16:51 BST: That’s it from Spotify’s presentation – the lucky people in New York now get to see D’Angelo and Questlove.

Update, 16:49 BST: As well as Starbucks, Spotify has a partnership with Nike+.

Update, 16:47 BST: The rollout is happening in US, UK, Germany and Sweden starting today.

Update, 16:46 BST: Tiësto’s had to create music at a higher BPM than usual so it can work for running.

Update, 16:45 BST: The big guns are here – Tiësto’s on stage.

Update, 16:44 BST: He says he wants to keep the “runner’s high” going for the whole run – Spotify is having music specially composed for runs.

Update, 16:41 BST: Spotify is going to use the accelerometer in your phone to detect your running pace and find songs to match – he says it takes Spotify just five seconds.

Update, 16:39 BST: He argues that “running to the beat” like “dancing to the beat” is much more fun. He wants Spotify help find music that fits your running pace.

Update, 16:37 BST: Chief product officer Gustav Söderström has taken to the stage, discussing music for running. He says that the music player interface hasn’t changed in 15 years.

Update, 16:34 BST: Ek also promises more “original content” coming soon.

Update, 16:33 BST: Video partners include BBC, ESPN, Vice News, Adult Swim and TED.

Update, 16:30 BST: Broad City has been selected to be part of Spotify’s video content – it doesn’t seem like full episodes, but clips you can watch during the day when you’re at a loose end.

Update, 16:26 BST: Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer, creators of Comedy Central’s Broad City just took the stage.

Update, 16:21 BST: As you browse content to suit your mood, the new Spotify experience includes video and podcasts – the presentation just showed a Vice News broadcast. Nerdist News is also coming to Spotify.

Update, 16:18 BST: Spotify’s VP of user experience Rochelle King has taken to the stage to introduce Spotify’s new playlist feature. It allows you to browse playlists made to match up to the time of day – for example “Morning Commute” or “Evening Commute”.

Update, 16:15 BST: Spotify is introducing a “new Spotify experience” that is “more accessible, personal, and useable than anything in music.”

Update, 16:13 BST: Ek describes a “profound change” in music with discovery and collection happening on our phones. “Soon there will only be listening,” he says.

Update, 16:08 BST: The press event has started, and Daniel Ek has taken the stage, saying that Spotify wants to better integrate music into people’s lives. Since starting, it has streamed over 25 billion hours of music.

Spotify will announce a major update to its offerings later today, with the Swedish company expected to branch into video streaming.

According to a CNBC report, the new service will include on-demand video streaming and a more interactive user interface as well as customisable playlists based on activity as well as mood. The new playlists could be linked to fitness, for example by allowing you to sync your music to the pace of your exercise.

The announcement will be made at 11am ET. Spotify is directing listeners to the Periscope app to watch the official announcement, suggesting that the update will “change. Your. Life.”

The arrival of Spotify Now comes just weeks before the launch of Apple’s new streaming offering as Beats Music. The company has also just announced a new partnership with Starbucks that will see shops fitted out with premium subscriptions, with baristas in charge of the music.

Earlier this week a leaked contract revealed the multi-million dollar payments Spotify made to Sony in 2011, suggesting that artists were missing out on money received by the major label.



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