What else did you expect from Jesus Wept?

Little Pain and Awful Records iconoclast Slug Christ have reunited for Jesus Wept, an EP that finds them digging up the graveyards of their shared musical territory.

Little Pain sets the tone on the intro, rapping — with blood-curdling precision — “counting dead presidents / while I’m fucking a dead body / cuz I’m turned on my the dead and the thoughts of bloodshed / I slit my wrists and beat my dick and now my shit is all red.”

But Jesus Wept is not all horrorcore menace: Slug Christ flashes his gift for emo melodies on ‘MissU’ and ‘You Don’t Know That I Know’, and the pair team with ISSUE for the cloud rap lullaby ‘Drug Dealaz’. As Slugger told Fader, “It sounds like Jesus crying on Mount Fuji as the wormhole to the nether-realm opens up and swallows our plane of existence.”

Stream Jesus Wept below. For more from these guys, check out Little Pain’s L.I.T.T.L.E. and The Crucifixion of Rapper Extraordinaire, Slug Christ.



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