It’s the SunkLo pair’s first record in over a year.

Boddika and Joy Orbison return next week with another of their occasional collaborations, arriving on a single-sided 10″.

Though the pair have released most of their collaborations on their SunkLo label, the TMTT 10″ is a white label affair bearing the catalogue number TMTT-WON.

On the basis of the short clip streaming at Phonica Records, ‘TMTT’ sounds like an unexpected foray into deep house for the pair, who are best known for creating moody mechanical rollers when they get together in the studio.

The record is expected to be released on June 1 – you can pre-order it at Phonica. In other Boddika news, the producer recently announced a series of Source Direct reissues on his Nonplus label – more on that here.



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