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The Lownt God Rises: Catching up with the Holy KIT

The L.A. transplant has a busy year planned.

We’ve been following KIT for a few years now, ever since his NewWavey mixtape caught our attention with its all-black-everything aesthetic and sound. Last year’s Lownt God Rising was one of our favorite albums of the year, and it also served at a first look at Posture, the label-collective he co-founded with Supreme Cuts, David Ashley and Edgyboy.

Since then, Posture has expanded its mission, and Supreme Cuts have focused on solo projects. “Those are the homies,” KIT says via Skype, but the new status quo didn’t quite work for him; earlier this year, the Cincinnati native made the move to Los Angeles. “I had been in Chicago two years; I needed to expand,” he says. He’s still figuring out the “different worlds” of L.A., with its “high maintenance” club scene (“You gotta have 20 girls with you to get in, it’s just too much!”) and pro-grade medicinal weed (“When I go out of town I can’t even smoke that shit.”), but the change in locale hasn’t slowed his productivity.

KIT has spent the last several months forgoing SoundCloud freebies for a steady stream of videos, taking his drug-dazed rap songs to the next level (among the new tracks, he looked back to Lownt God Rising for the pixelated ‘Spoiled’ clip).

“I wanted to put visuals to my music and step it up myself this year,” he says. “You never know what song people will fuck with.” With that in mind, KIT flashed his versatility, bounding from the woozy clubcraft of ‘Light Show’ to the percussive ‘Don’t Say A Word’ to the ominous, meditative ‘Ahead of My Time’.

Interestingly, none of these songs appear on his next project, The Holy Trinity EP (due early next month), a melancholy trio of songs that find KIT rapping and singing over beats that — at times — nod to the first xx album. “I wanted to start putting out bodies of work,” he explains. “I might do like ten Holy Trinity EPs, I might do one every season,” but with a consistent sound on each.

Along with The Holy Trinity series, KIT is working on Birth of the Buzzard Krow, an all-singing, “druggy R&B” project from his alter ego of the same name that is all “love ballads and sexual shit.” In kind, he’s previewed that with a video as well.

As if all that wasn’t enough, KIT is hard at work on the Lownt Tape, due in July. “That’s my shit,” he says. “I’ve been working on that since last year. Whatever sounds dope and fresh, I’m keeping it for the tape,” promising “uptempo club-shit that’s trappier than Lownt God Rising.”

And his run of videos isn’t over: we’re happy to premiere the video for his latest Lownt Tape single, ‘Seen A Lot’; the clip gives the trap lullaby a damaged-analog aesthetic. The track’s “I’ve seen a lot of shit I thought I’d never see” serves as an appropriate refrain: it sounds like we’ll be seeing much more from KIT this year.



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