Update: Brent Bryson, attorney for King’s estate, has called the claims ridiculous. He told the Associated Press that three doctors determined that King was appropriately cared for, and that he received 24-hour care by medical professionals “up until the time that he peacefully passed away in his sleep.”

Two daughters of blues legend B. B. King, who died earlier this month, have accused the musician’s aides of poisoning him.

Karen Williams and Patty King have claimed, in documents provided by their lawyer to the Associated Press, that King’s business manager LaVerne Toney and her personal assistant Myron Johnson, killed the musician.

“I believe my father was poisoned and that he was administered foreign substances,” reads their statement. “I believe my father was murdered.”

Toney’s only response so far is simply that “they’ve been making allegations all along. What’s new?”

In the days leading up to King’s death, his daughters lost a legal bid to prove that their father was being abused. They have accused Toney of stealing money from the musician, as well as neglecting his medical needs.

A post-mortem has been performed on King’s body, but test results are expected to take up to eight weeks [via Sky News / The Guardian].



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