The iM1 app adds a host of features not included on the original.

Korg has just added another iPad app to go with its growing list of mobile synths based on the popular workstation synth, the M1.

According to Korg, the Korg iM1 app offers a “faithful recreation of the original M1 sound,” analysed from the circuit diagram of the original design. The app version also features a number of features not included in the original, including 18 effects up from the M1’s two together with a Kaoss Pad interface for playing phrases and adjusting the sound parameters.

Originally manufactured between 1988 and 1995, the original Korg M1 was an expansive synth boasting a MIDI sequencer and a huge palette of sounds ranging from synthetic pads to piano, organ and percussion. The iM1 features the original sound library of 19 ROM cards, and offers in-app purchases that cover the sounds of the M1EX version and the T-series evolution of the M1.

The iM1 is available now from the App Store at an introductory price of £14.99/$19.99 – you can check out the key features in the introductory video below. [via Synthtopia]



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