Super Heavy Solid Waste focuses on the act’s “harder, harsher, rhythmic side.”

San Francisco reissue specialist Dark Entries has announced a compilation of early recordings from New Jersey industrial duo Smersh, most of which have never been released on vinyl.

Comprised of Mike Mangino and Chris Shepard, the duo began making music together in the late ’70s in a basement full of analog gear. Though the pair used common equipment like the Roland TR-606 drum machine, SH-09 synth and TB-303 that spawned acid house, the pair cultivated a unique proto-techno sound combining EBM style rhythms and industrial textures, and began releasing cassettes via their own Atlas King label in 1981.

The eight-track Super Heavy Solid Waste has been curated by Dark Entries from cassettes spanning the 10-year period from 1983-1993, all focusing on the “harder, harsher, rhythmic side” of Smersh’s discography. The record is out on June 15 in a “sludge-infused” jacket and can be previewed below.

The record is just the latest in a string of ace reissues from the label, which has given us music from Severed Heads, Patrick Cowley and vintage Detroit electro figure DJ Maestro in recent years.


01. Out Demon Out
02. Highway Surplus
03. Palomar
04. Entre Nous
05. Under Your Hoop
06. The Land Of Feeling Good
07. Spook House
08. Tu Quoque, Fili M



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