A lawsuit over the Yeezus single has reached a settlement.

Ricky Spicer, a member of former soul group Ponderosa Twins Plus One, sued Kanye West, Roc-A-Fella Records, Universal Music Group and Island Def Jam Music Group in December 2013 for using the group’s 1971 song ‘Bound’ without permission.

Billboard reports that on May 11, paperwork (dated March 6) was filed to New York court discontinuing Spicer’s suit.

In 2013, Spicer claimed that he had not received any compensation for the sample despite the song’s success. The singer was seeking an injunction as well as damages for alleged violations of New York civil right of publicity law (section 51), unjust enrichment and common law copyright infringement.

Spicer’s voice can be heard in the song’s chorus as he sings ‘Bound, bound/ Bound to fall in love’. You can hear the original song below.

Earlier this month, ‘Bound 2’ was reimagined as a children’s book. [via Billboard]



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