“Visual Shazam” is basically a fancy QR reader.

Music recognition app Shazam has just added visual recognition capabilities, meaning you can now access exclusive video content through select objects with a Shazam-readable logo.

It’s not quite as exciting as what was touted when the feature was first revealed back in March, suggesting you’d be able to get information on almost any physical object you could scan. However, if you see the Shazam logo in the physical world (primarily on ads), you’ll be able to access behind-the-scenes videos and coupons – much like you would with a standard QR code reader.

The feature launches today, but if you’re hoping for some decent music content you might be disappointed – as well as Meghan Trainor and Nick Jonas, the current partners include Levi’s, Condé Nast, Time, Harper Collins and Disney, which is promoting its new George Clooney movie Tomorrowland.

It’s not the only music service to diversify recently – last week Spotify announced it was moving into video content. [via The Next Web]



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