The German house producer has announced his third full-length album.

Erdbeerschnitzel, real name Tim Keiling, will release new album The Attendants via Cologne-based imprint Rote Liebe in July. Keiling delivered the label’s fourth release last year and has served up two 12-inches of gorgeous, melodic house for Delsin in the past two years. Further releases have arrived on Mirau, 3rd Strike Records and Gerd’s 4 Lux imprint.

On The Attendants, Keiling drifts from his more beat-oriented sound. According to Rote Liebe, the new album treads “more subtle grounds, featuring a mixture of contemporary electronic composition and hazy experimental pieces just outside the dancefloor proper.”

The Attendants collects nine-tracks and marks Rote Liebe’s first full-length release. The album will be released on July 13. [via RA]


A1 Feiler
A2 Hessian Arc
A3 Fendrick
A4 Corbinian
A5 Tennental
B1 Girus
B2 Relief
B3 Druse
B4 Seyden



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