The album is appropriately titled Law & Order.

Next month, Not Not Fun Records will unleash the first LP from a collective of Minneapolis musicians working under the name Night Court. The story goes that during an improvisational work session two years ago while camping in the woods of Wisconsin (and under the influence of some really good shit we can only imagine) the group planned to record a late night session titled “Night Court”.

Instead, they all decided it would be better to take that name completely at face value and record an album, appropriately titled Law & Order, inspired by the music from police procedural television shows. Working in single take jams the group nail that sound and explore it entirely removed from any visual context (none of the members at the time had watched a full episode of Law And Order).

If this sounds a little heady in theory, it’s a total blast in practice. They get it across best on ‘Indictment’ which glides through synth chugs, lonely echoing guitars, and wailing saxophones as eerie radio dispatches wander through the haze. Listen below.



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