Enrique Iglesias shredded his hand on a drone in a concert mishap

By , Jun 1 2015

Update, June 3: Enrique has undergone reconstructive surgery to repair his hand.

statement posted by on the singer’s website explains that the singer’s surgery lasted longer than expected as the damage caused was “worse than initially assessed.” Iglesias also suffered a fracture that needed to be corrected and will be recovering for the next few weeks, “but a full recovery is anticipated.” You can watch footage of the accident below, which it must be said looks incredibly painful.


A cautionary tale for anyone planning to use an aerial drone in a concert – don’t go reaching out for them or you’ll lose a lot of blood.

This is exactly what happened to ‘Hero’ singer Enrique Iglesias at a concert in Mexico over the weekend, where a drone was being used to capture crowd shots. As it hovered by Iglesias, he reached out towards it like it was a divine entity, and promptly shredded his hand on the rotor blades.

Respect to Iglesias though – despite losing a lot of blood, he simply created some art on his T-shirt, wrapped up his hand and carried on for another 30 minutes. [via Engadget]



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