The 90s outfit beam down to Domino.

David Pearce will return to Earth next month brandishing the first Flying Saucer Attack album in 15 years. Made up of 15 lo-fi performances recorded by Pearce at home with guitars, tape and CD-R, Instrumentals 15 is billed as “an impressionistic narrative” that should be experienced in one sitting, with “dronescapes and rueful introspection” giving way to “redemptive cadences” over its emotional arc.

The first taste of the album is accompanied by visuals from director Peter Strickland of Berberian Sound Studio fame, who shot his first music video for ‘Instrumental 7’ after using the song ‘Seven Seas’ in his recent film The Duke Of Burgundy.

“Within the Great Plains of Hungary, one can almost hear this music resonating far away in the endless expanse,” says Strickland. “Three of us in the flatfield for three days with Flying Saucer Attack on our headphones and trying to remember how to use light meters whilst observing a world that mankind is gradually departing from.”

Instrumentals 2015 is out on July 31 on CD, digital and double vinyl, which comes with an etching from former Flying Saucer Attack member Rachel Coe. Domino will also be reissuing some classic FSA albums on vinyl in the coming months.

Watch Strickland’s video below and see the album artwork underneath.




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