Theo Parrish is making a souvenir of his acclaimed 2014 live show.

The Sound Signature boss hit the road last year with a full band, including Amp Fiddler on keys and vocals, singer Ideeyah, drummer Myele Manzanza, bassist Akwasi Mensah, guitarist Duminie Deporres and a crew of dancers out front, playing tracks from his American Intelligence LP along with other classics from the label and a few oldies.

A two-track 12″ recorded during one of Teddy’s Get Downs is now due throughout Wildheart Recordings under the alias The Unit, featuring a cover version of ‘Ain’t No Need’ by Skye and Parrish’s own ‘Walkin Thru The Sky’, which had its first digital release last year.

The 12″ is due in late June, and you can hear samples below. [via JunoPlus]



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