More changes for Jay Z’s streaming service.

Jay Z’s streaming service has announced many features over the past few months to give it the edge, and now it has Lil Wayne and a ticket shop to help in the fight against Spotify.

The company announced yesterday (June 3) that Lil Wayne has joined artists including Madonna, Deadmau5, Daft Punk and Rihanna as a co-owner of the service. He also took the opportunity to release a track called ‘Glory’, which is exclusive to Tidal.

The single is the first from his forthcoming Free Weezy Album, and comes in the midst of his $51 million lawsuit against Cash Money. Jay Z hasn’t ruled out artists being able to upload music directly to the service to circumvent record labels, which could explain why the rapper has joined the Tidal cause.

The company’s partnership with Ticketmaster allowing users to view forthcoming tour dates and buy tickets for shows. Tidal customers also have access to exclusive pre-sales, discounts and ticket giveaways, but it’s only available to US customers at the moment.

The news comes together with a number of other improvements to Tidal’s desktop and mobile apps, including improved search and an updated menu, and joins features like Rising and Discovery for highlighting emerging artists.

The service has faced stiff competition from Spotify in the past few weeks, which recently revealed its video streaming plans. Apple is widely expected to launch its own streaming platform next week. [via Music Week]



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