The Awful Records talent drops his latest album.

We are continuously impressed by the range of Ethereal: he’s released jungle-heavy beatcraft, R&B jams, woozy rap and Xan’d-out freestyles — and that’s just since January.

I Think I’m On Fire is the latest project in the producer-to-watch’s every-growing discography: a laid-back collection of soul-sampling, tape-melted rap jams that is perfectly suited for your next BBQ. The album features Awful compatriots Alexandria, Archibald Slim, KeithCharles Spacebar, Lord Narf and Pyramid Quince, along with newcomers T-Bruin and Gvvaan.

Stream I Think I’m On Fire below. The title is self-explanatory: “I think I’m on fire,” he confesses, “’cause I’m killing everything I’m on.” Can’t argue with that.



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